Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wandering the city

So classes have started and I have lots to say on that front, but first indulge me for a classic travel blog - the day in New York City.

Facing a Saturday with nothing much planned, I decided a day in NYC would be fun (pretty obvious). I skipped the classic tourist route a bit, since I'll be back with the group later. This is where I wound up:

NYC public library - an exhibit on the history of NYC's lunches, including the old Automat machines

NYPD Museum. 
Housed in the first ever police station on the island, the museum is a nice quick tour of policing history from the days when people mistrusted the citizen's watch so much they weren't allowed weapons. 

The noise makers patrols used to clear the streets of miscreants

Frances Tavern Museum
The site of early rebel meetings, the formation of the Chamber of Commerce and Washington's meeting place after the British retreated from Manhattan. The building has gone through many incarnations before being restored to resemble the tavern it once was.
My guide enthusiastically reads out an old proclamation the British posted declaring the revolutionary army illegal

Staten Island Ferry
The touristy bit of my day, checking out the skyline

Coming off the ferry, I found myself watching a street performance by some seriously confident dancers

And then I just wandered north through Manhattan eating ice lemon.

Winding up in Washington Square Park, where someone had pushed a piano half a mile so they could do this:

I also discovered how people cool off around here - made me feel much better (It's 28C every day here)

This park was how parks should be - full of life

I finished my day with one of the most awesome meals I have ever eaten. That sandwich is pulled pork, beans and rice with some kind of BBQ sauce so magical that I wandered the streets grinning like a fool afterwards. Sheer food joy achieved. Also cornbread is awesome and Australia needs it.

I then jumped back on the train, making to New Haven in time to attend a moving silent disco - everyone uses Ipods to listen to the same dance track and we dance through the streets, sharing music that no bystander can hear, with this result:

For the full context, download this song and listen along. It's an incredibly joyful experience to do something like that for sheer absurdity.

I then slept. Heavily.

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