Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Giant roll of photos

Some photos from around the place

Just loved that these guys all dressed to match

Watching a show put on by the college

On the way to Baltimore

In Baltimore!

Washington DC

DC Chinatown

Corn propaganda in the metro

Watching people watching planes

The Vietnam memorial

Being silly at the waxwork museum

This really tripped me out. Couldn't work out if it was wax or someone standing still until I saw how 90s the camera was

It was maybe 31 degrees. This impressed me.


A green roof at Columbia - helps lower city temperatures

The kind of statue that can only come from a dream


Wandering Harlem

Lots of green spaces hidden around the place

Epic dinner

Back at Yale

Touring the Yale teaching farm

Wandering about


One of my favorite parks

(Liz insisted)

The Italian North End

Phew. way too many photos. Consider this the big photographic catch-up!

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