Sunday, 5 August 2012

Extracurricular activities are fun and now I am sore

Sitting in the library of a Sunday morn having had a couple of fun nights.

The summer program held a variety show (like a talent show but chilled) with some super awesome variety. My favorite act has to be the girl in red silk who did slow motion karate/jujitsu dancing to 'Make a man out of you' sung by Jackie Chan. Absolute respect.
I also joined in, borrowing a guitar from a Yalie to play 'Eyes wide open' by Gotye ( Due to lack of a second microphone for the guitar, I ended up playing unplugged to about 100 people. The lack of amplification ended up having the nice effect of everyone shutting up for a bit and sitting in almost complete silence as I played. Happily, no ambulances drove by on the main street just outside during my 3min.

This is the day that made me sore. Nathalie and I gave up on writing our report in order to go laser-tagging with 28 other people, and it turns out laser tag guns are really heavy. Seriously having problems lifting my right arm now.
Upon getting home I finally found myself some good parmesan cheese (happy day), went and had dinner, watched a one woman theatre piece on urban legends, and headed off to a floating dance party. After an hour of dancing along the streets, we ended up at a non-floating dance party in a courtyard for a while. When I called it quits I was still restless, so I discovered that Gotye's album makes an excellent soundtrack for running at the gym.

Everything now hurts. Huzzah!

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